Trump, birds and guns

March 6th, 2016

IMG_0558There is so much going on in our political process right now, people should be excited they have an opportunity to be part of it. This is the time to make a difference. To break the cycle of establishment candidates just to send a message. Mainstream media and both of our major political parties are in disbelief and so out of touch how Donald Trump can gather so much support for speaking people’s language. The fear of not being able to control candidate amongst the media and political elite is very obvious. I am for one huge (in The Donald’s words) supporter of him. There are three main reasons. He has been successful in private sector (he has failed many times also but there is no success without overcoming failure and this fact is forgotten by many). He is not an establishment candidate and I believe he truly loves America for the opportunities it has given him. I must say I still cannot believe the dislike President Obama and his wife have for the country I call home.

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Louisiana Ducks

January 29th, 2016

IMG_0486This has been a tremendous bird season for me and some of my friends. Plentiful grouse in Rocky Mountains, one of the best quail numbers in recent memory and so many ducks down on the bayou we could not keep up. The following blog is an account of my best duck hunt yet. What made this more interesting was Louisiana weather in January. My friend’s knowledge of the water, the winds and weather patterns proved crucial to our success. And of course my new Super Scroll combo was to “blame” too.

CZ Super Scroll Combo is a higher end over/under designed for the sporting clays course or the field. The receiver is engraved with beautiful detail and comes with 20 gauge and 28 gauge barrels. Swapping two different set of barrels is as easy as taking an over/under apart and then quickly putting it back together with desired gauge. The reasons for the decision to get this gun were few. A gun with 30 inch barrels does not swing as easy and provides me with much more control.

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Fast and furious

December 25th, 2015

I will not be talking about our incompetent government just yet. This time it’ is about something lot more enjoyable and fun. I was asked to join the usual crew of the American Birdhunter TV show on another quail hunt in New Mexico. The only difference from the past couple of years is the new name GUNDOG TV. I could not be more excited to hunt the little birds again. As Randy Lack said the first time about hunting quail “it’s personal” and I believed it then and I still believe it now. There is always a bird or twenty that get away.

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These I believe are few issues we as nation are facing today. I have no problem starting a conversation with anybody, actually I enjoy talking to all kinds of people traveling across the great country of ours. Learning how others think or what their core beliefs are is very important to me. I have learned from my own experience and throughout lifetime of learning about history many reasons why societies have tried to control people several different ways. Whether it’s through gun control, restricting freedom of speech because of political correctness, taxation and regulations in the name of environment (this is the latest attempt by big government) or downright controlling the people’s thought process through “public education”. To battle this disease (radio talk show host Michael Savage’s word) we as a nation should emphasize the US Constitution as a “rule book to follow” not as a piece of document to interpret as we need fit to our time. ┬áI will use a quote of our local Tea Party leader (he possibly is quoting someone else but I’m using him as a source) “The Constitution was written based on human nature and principles. Principles don’t change and human nature doesn’t change.”

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The following comments are made by an immigrant who has lived in this country for 25 years, has loved every one of those years and can not imagine having better life anywhere else in the world. I will not point fingers, look for excuses why sometimes things were harder than should have been or blame others for anything. Life is our ┬áindividual journey yet no matter how hard you work, how focus or determine you are, there is always lot of people who contribute to your success. Parents, grandparents, aunts and uncles, siblings, coaches, teachers etc. It can also go the other way when they’re not there to help guide and support.

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NRA Convention 2015

April 21st, 2015

Bobby-NRA-ShowWe are living in very interesting times in our country’s history. There is a sustained movement to preserve our country the way it was and there is a movement to change everything. Both sides have dug their heels and threw common sense right out. I was thrilled to be able to attend the NRA’s Convention in Nashville on behalf of CZ-USA. Most of my friends were curious about all the new products being introduced to the market. That part of the convention is, quite honestly overwhelming. My intentions were not to “window shop” but to meet and talk to as many people as I possibly could. I’m always very curious to find out what like-minded folk are thinking. Most of our conversations centered around products but also on the state of our republic, the talk about the potential presidential candidates, the money spent on campaigns, gun rights, environment etc. I would like to touch on some of these subjects and also briefly review my new favorite products.

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Southern Exposure

March 9th, 2015

IMG_1878One of my favorite things to do is to drive throughout our country and celebrate the cultural and geographic diversity. Most recent trip brought me to Southwestern Louisiana to hunt ducks and Texas panhandle to chase some quail. It turned out to be great hunting trip and even better time making friends. People are what make places fun, interesting or sometimes bad. I met, for the first time, real Cajuns and true lifelong Texans. What an honor to spend few days with them all.

The duck hunt

The atmosphere in the United States have improved a lot as far as society’s attitude towards gun owners and the great tradition of gun culture we have here. It’s here to stay and even political discourse will not change that. I have mentioned this fact before but it seems I meet gun friendly people more often these days whether shooting clays, hunting or just plinking. The trip to Louisiana was not an exception.

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photo 4
I am very passionate about reading. It is one of my favorite hobbies, if not the most favorite. The good habit of reading was created at very young age seeing my grandfather to mark off the articles he’s read in daily newspaper so he did not read them again on his cover to cover consumption of information. The fact he read Communist Party daily called Rude Pravo (Red Right) was not important. He did not have access to anything else. Propaganda newspaper, propaganda books, propaganda radio, propaganda TV programming. The good habit of reading was instilled early in my life.

We are very fortunate to have choices. Good, bad and the ugly. It’s our responsibility to sort through them and decide for ourselves. The other morning I went to my favorite news web site (not published in U.S., less bias) and the headline said “Obama to ask Congress for more money to battle Ebola”. The following morning, it was Monday and the weekend was full of real events that could fill newspaper from front to back but there was a half page article in the front section of USA Today about one of the staff writers finally meeting Brad Pitt on Red carpet. Are you kidding me? I know there are lots of Brad Pitt fans out there but half page article in the main section on Monday? Where is the in depth coverage of the job market, the financial situation, the military-industrial complex (air war against ISIS), naming more Tsars in last decade than Russia has had in three hundred years or another incompetence of large Federal agency called CDC? In depth coverage means asking questions we might not like the answers or the administrations will try to avoid answering. I never see enough of it. Yet we know what our “celebrities” had for breakfast.

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Wyoming and Idaho Birds

October 28th, 2014

I became very passionate bird hunter just a year ago. It took only one try.imagejpeg_0

My first experience was with CZ-USA crew in Riggins, Idaho. I enjoyed it so much I’m going back there to visit Andy Savage and his outfit Heaven’s Gate Outfitters in the next couple of days. The well-proven CZ Upland Ultralight is coming and I’m also bringing the extremely accurate 28 ga O/U Canvasback Gold. There will be another write up about the world’s best Chukar and Grouse hunting. What makes it special is the terrain and the people. I understand this is very subjective opinion but the action, birds, dogs, guides and scenery is hard to beat.

In the meantime the season is on and I’ve gone out to look for birds few times. Some time successfully, some time not, but always returning tired with big smile on my face. I just could not wait for the Upland bird season to open in the West. There are plenty of species to hunt. It just takes lot of work to get to them on most occasions. The challenge only enhances the experience.

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Bobby Holik

Bobby Holik, Czech American NHL Legend teamed up with CZ-USA in 2011 to promote the CZ line of bolt action rifles, semi-automatic handguns and handcrafted shotguns. The ice hockey center began his U.S. career with the Hartford Whalers, won two Stanley Cups with the New Jersey Devils and went on to plan for New York Rangers and Atlanta Thrashers. In his 1,314 career NHL games, Holik scored 747 points (326 goals, 421 assists) and became of the the most productive Czech born players in the NHL.
Like his grandfather, Bobby treasures our outdoor heritage. At home on his ranch in Wyoming, Bobby understands our responsibility as custodians for the land and wildlife on a first hand basis.


CZ firearms are imported to United States exclusively by CZ-USA, a wholly owned subsidiary of Ceska Zbrojovka, a.s. Uhersky Brod (CZUB) of the Czech Republic whose history dates back to 1936. CZ firearms have been available through distribution channels in the US since 1991 through independent importers and in 1997 CZUB recognized the need to control its own destiny and established CZ-USA with its headquarters in Kansas City, KS. All distribution, sales, marketing, warranty and parts support operates from Kansas City location. In 2005 a great opportunity came to CZ-USA by acquiring Dan Wesson Firearms, traditional American manufacturer of premium 1911 style handguns and unique revolvers with interchangeable barrels.