More Gun Control?

February 14th, 2013

NHL Legend Bobby Holik

The details of my perspective on social or economic issues will probably be written in the future blogs. I will try to dedicate this blog strictly to the gun control debate.

Some of the events of the past year were beyond any reasonable explanation, but that did not stop many public figures from completely exploiting the victims and their families for their agenda. It is not only politicians, but also people in entertainment or corporate world who put their personal ideology before well-being of a nation. Not a sign of good leadership. I personally felt embarrassed at the end of the 2012 for the great country the United States of America is. I could not believe the lack of common sense or the desire to have a reasonable debate. Before I express my views on future of the Second Amendment, I want to emphasize that every life lost to violence is tragic and nothing we say or do is going to bring it back. We need to open our minds and work together to continue to improve what we have, not subtract in a sake of false sense of security.

This is not a political piece but a mere attempt for reasonable perspective from a man who spent half of his life in a world ruled by centralized, one party government. 

Late February 1948

One of the first orders by the leadership of the communist party was to disarm the general population and create units called Lidove Milice (People’s Militia). These units were created for the “protection” of recently overtaken industrial interests and intimidate possible protesters. They were used along side of the military and police in times of unrest. No law was ever passed to legalize the militia, it was an executive decision or should we say executive order. Units were made up of union leaders, their thugs and communist party loyalists. The freedom for Czech people was doomed at that point.

It started with government dictating who will bear arms and who will not and was followed by legislating every aspect of people’s lives. Housing, healthcare, social services, career choices, income redistribution, public education and propaganda to control your thoughts. Too many to mention. No one could stand up to fight the system without severe consequences. There were few attempts made over the next four decades to resist or protest government’s policies and these were easily (and violently) suppressed  by armed government entities. Only the economic collapse of the eastern block countries led by Soviet Union in the late eighties and early nineties brought on by Ronald Reagan’s conviction to defeat communism, helped to free hundreds of millions of eastern Europeans.

I have learned the lessons of the government with uncontrolled power, my parents, my grandparents and millions of others have. Some of them never lived to experience it because of the regimes brutality. I am not suggesting we are on the same path here in the United States by any means, but we are on the path to allow our government to continue to increase their power. Gun control legislation is one of their favorite ways to expand it. Ironically, they always try to exploit the moments immediately after a tragedy strikes. If you believe in tough gun control you should campaign or care about it every day. They do not. They only care about getting more votes or keeping the ones they already have.

At this point of time there is so many guns out there and any attempt to control the production or retail will only lead to intensified black market. United States have gone through periods of black market during prohibition and still dealing with it in “war on drugs”. Another example. Take a look at nightly newscast. Every time there is a revolution in one of these gun controlled, dictatorial countries anywhere in the world hours later every man is running around with an assault rifle and a handgun. Fortunately we have a history of peaceful resolutions to our disagreements in this country. Just using few examples to show people’s ingenuity to get what they want. Human nature has not changed for thousands of years, just the technology has.

The danger in allowing the government to legislate people’s consumption (buying and selling guns, ammo, magazines etc.) leads very quickly to abuse of power. What will stop them from banning sports cars or any other car, boat, motorcycle, ATV next time young person kills others.

The gun control supporters are focusing completely the wrong direction. Their agenda is filled with hypocrisy. The leaders in Congress will never give up their armed guards and their concealed carry permits, but they want you to live in complete dependence on their “favors” in exchange for your vote. The ability to defend yourself and your family is the highest form of self-reliance. The term not very popular amongst politicians in any part of the world including US.

There is a reason “A well regulated militia being necessary to the security of a free state, the right of the people to keep and bear arms shall not be infringed.” is the Second Amendment.


Guns will not go away. That is a fact. One of many things we need to do is to educate our youth about the responsibility of gun ownership, the gun safety and encourage them to report to their parents or school officials about individuals who act inappropriate around guns. The same approach with our youth as we teach them when it comes to sexual predators and sexual abuse. Education and communication means empowerment and it will prevent future tragedies.

It is not only about guns and young people but also about many irresponsible adults who do not want to identify their relatives, friends or co-workers as mentally unfit to have access to firearms. More laws won’t make a difference if you do not have brave and courageous people to stand up and voice the issues. The society’s attitude towards mentally ill is wrong. Nothing gets done until tragedy occurs. It’s time to stand up and fight for gun rights the right way. The greatest nation on earth could be in decline if we give up one of the fabrics our nation’s history has sown.


I was just about finished writing this blog when I read the news of an American hero Chris Kyle murdered at a Texas gun range. Two things infuriated me the most. 

I read Chris’ (I hope his family does not mind me calling him by his first name, I feel he would not mind) book American Sniper about a year ago and was impressed not only with his dedication to make our country safer but his dedication to make the extremely difficult adjustment from the world’s best killer to a family man. That part of the book made the recent news about his murder hard to take. He was a “killing machine” and I was proud to have a guy like Chris on my side, but the way he portrayed the struggles when he got back home after deployments and eventual retirement really humanized the man. 

Chris, you will always be remembered for the soldier and a man you were.

Now I want to rip into everyone on TV or radio who even slightly criticized Chris Kyle’s decision to bring his friend, the murder suspect suffering from PTSD, to the gun range. Unlike the empty suits and dresses in Washington D.C. and all of the media outlets, Chris was a man of action. He was not going to sit around in make up ,under bright lights and talk about what should be done with our soldiers returning from wars around the world, mentally and physically scared.  He took action. One broken soul at a time. He and his friend wanted to help a former marine. Take him along to the place and time very familiar to all of them, the gun range. They spent their lives using guns to better the world. The murder suspect, his body broken, his mind broken after years of warfare lost it. Terrible tragedy.

I understand there will always be wars, no matter how hard we’ll try to get along with everybody. We have the finest fighting force the world has ever seen. Let’s better our performance for taking care of them as a nation when they come home.

Thank you U.S military for being part of the reason I can sit here and write this blog.

~ Bobby Holik

Bobby Holik

Bobby Holik, Czech American NHL Legend teamed up with CZ-USA in 2011 to promote the CZ line of bolt action rifles, semi-automatic handguns and handcrafted shotguns. The ice hockey center began his U.S. career with the Hartford Whalers, won two Stanley Cups with the New Jersey Devils and went on to plan for New York Rangers and Atlanta Thrashers. In his 1,314 career NHL games, Holik scored 747 points (326 goals, 421 assists) and became of the the most productive Czech born players in the NHL.
Like his grandfather, Bobby treasures our outdoor heritage. At home on his ranch in Wyoming, Bobby understands our responsibility as custodians for the land and wildlife on a first hand basis.


CZ firearms are imported to United States exclusively by CZ-USA, a wholly owned subsidiary of Ceska Zbrojovka, a.s. Uhersky Brod (CZUB) of the Czech Republic whose history dates back to 1936. CZ firearms have been available through distribution channels in the US since 1991 through independent importers and in 1997 CZUB recognized the need to control its own destiny and established CZ-USA with its headquarters in Kansas City, KS. All distribution, sales, marketing, warranty and parts support operates from Kansas City location. In 2005 a great opportunity came to CZ-USA by acquiring Dan Wesson Firearms, traditional American manufacturer of premium 1911 style handguns and unique revolvers with interchangeable barrels.