Plinking Part II …and little more

July 4th, 2016


We are in full summer swing here in Wyoming. Summer is shorter than most places so we have to make the most of shooting friendly weather. Going out on public land and bringing bunch of guns and ammo is what we do here quite often and enjoy it every time. This year is no exception.   Wyoming is the most gun friendly state in the Union. Most people/citizens are better at handling firearms, safer and more responsible than the average American. Gun culture in our state does not have the negative connotation the anti gun politicians and liberal activist continue to emphasize. Many citizens get their guard up immediately because you do not discuss any other constitutional amendment in that matter. More taboo you’re going to make the guns, more problems you will have. We need people to understand what guns are good for and get more people involved in firearms safety, training and discussion. Not less.

I got off the topic here just a little, but back to plinking.


There are three guns I would like to share thoughts about.

First it’s the new 557 Varmint. 308 caliber very similar to the older model 550 with many updated features. Push feed action, new more ergonomic stock and, important to many,10 round detachable magazine. The 557’s newly design walnut stock is a good fit for shooter of any size. There is probably 5-6 inches of height difference and about 80 pounds in weight between my friend and I and it’s very comfortable for both of us. He is a novice rifle shooter and wanted  a rifle that has s potential to reach 600-700 yards. My concerns over recoil for a man that spent lifetime working with his hands and has very damaged shoulders were immediately dismissed. This rifle with heavy barrel is built to take away the recoil and hold up through an afternoon of busy shooting. In a less than a week his best group was an inch at 200 yards with bulk ammo. Trust me it’s not the shooter, it’s the rifle. I can only imagine what this rifle would do with an experienced rifleman laying behind it. I did not want to buy another 30 caliber rifle but this new 557 varmint puts my very good 550 varmint to shame in it’s first week of “service”.


Next gun,712 Synthetic G2, ended up in the hands of a guy who is marrying into bird hunting family. Ducks, geese and Ruffed grouse. He wanted synthetic stock for durability and semiautomatic for versatility. I suggested the 712 synthetic G2. I recently picked up the same gun as a demo and have been shooting it with friends. We headed out to national forest with lots of shells, thrower and couple boxes of clays. It took no time of getting to know the gun and clays were being crushed consistently. My friend loved the feel of the gun the way it absorbs the recoil, the ease of shouldering it and the accuracy. It’s always fun when people crush the clays or hit the bullseye with products you represent.


Few years ago I got an opportunity to become part of the CZ-USA team and be a spokesperson for the products I believed in. I still feel the same way as more and more CZ firearms finding their way into the hands of people in the American west. Not an easy task. So many generations grew up with Winchester, Browning and/or Smith and Wesson. But we might be just breaking into very traditional market.

I have been saving the best for the last.

Most people who follow CZ firearms at this point  know about the brand new version of world famous Scorpion. I was very fortunate to get my hands on the SCORPION EVO S1 CARBINE WITH FAUX SUPPRESSOR. First time I shot it was in CZUB manufacturing plant  in Czech Republic almost four years ago. That one was the fully automatic model for law enforcement and military. I knew then the U.S. market is in for a treat once all the regulations are met and the semi auto version hits the stores here.

Well this is one cool looking gun. I am not a guy who looks for the “cool factor” when it comes to guns, trucks or anything else for that matter but this is an exception. Cool is one thing, practical and effective are another. As I was waiting for the carbine to get to my local gun shop I also purchased red dot sight with help off my friend. I thought it would be very nice addition to the iron sights the gun already comes with.

I brought the gun home and installed the red dot sight. I started to get familiar with the weapon before heading out to the range. Charging handle/bolt handle check, safety check, insert the magazine check, release the magazine check. Lengthen the stock to fit 6’4″ guy check. I was ready to hit the range and sight it in at 30 yards. It is a 9mm and most likely it’ll be used as a close quarter weapon.

I started walking through the house with the gun in my hands and I suddenly felt the need to clear room after room. I’ve never experience anything like it. I fell into the role of protecting my house so easily because there is not a better gun you can do it with. At that moment I made sure I wrote this little story because I have handled many guns in my house but none made me so comfortable to “search” room by room like this one. Of course the gun was unloaded and nobody was home at the time and I do not pretend to be SWAT or Special Forces but the gun just calls for it. The performance at the range just confirmed it the “best gun for home defense” opinion. It is a hand gun cartridge on a carbine platform. It gives you great leverage handling the gun.

This is the conclusion of my most recent experiences with CZ firearms. There is still one thing I would love to mention. I was recently watching a news telecast and there was Israeli counter terrorism expert(you have to listen when those guys speak, they know what they’re doing) and he mentioned new way they developed to stop/deny potential suicide bombers. This applies especially if you engage them in a firefight before they have a chance to pull the cord/push the bottom. He commented on the Turkish police officer shooting at one of the Istanbul  airport bombers as he was on the ground yet he eventually blew himself up and maimed more people. The expert said the Israelis shoot to kill, they try to hit cerebral cortex on first shot to completely “freeze” the bomber’s action by making him brain dead and not able to use his hands or anything else for that matter. Makes a lot of sense to me as I have a tremendous admiration for Israeli security forces. We are living in different times. Law enforcement, military should adopt this policy because it seems the terrorists these days like to shoot as many people as they can and then blow themselves up. Do not give them the opportunity. Put them out!

Bobby Holik

Bobby Holik, Czech American NHL Legend teamed up with CZ-USA in 2011 to promote the CZ line of bolt action rifles, semi-automatic handguns and handcrafted shotguns. The ice hockey center began his U.S. career with the Hartford Whalers, won two Stanley Cups with the New Jersey Devils and went on to plan for New York Rangers and Atlanta Thrashers. In his 1,314 career NHL games, Holik scored 747 points (326 goals, 421 assists) and became of the the most productive Czech born players in the NHL.
Like his grandfather, Bobby treasures our outdoor heritage. At home on his ranch in Wyoming, Bobby understands our responsibility as custodians for the land and wildlife on a first hand basis.


CZ firearms are imported to United States exclusively by CZ-USA, a wholly owned subsidiary of Ceska Zbrojovka, a.s. Uhersky Brod (CZUB) of the Czech Republic whose history dates back to 1936. CZ firearms have been available through distribution channels in the US since 1991 through independent importers and in 1997 CZUB recognized the need to control its own destiny and established CZ-USA with its headquarters in Kansas City, KS. All distribution, sales, marketing, warranty and parts support operates from Kansas City location. In 2005 a great opportunity came to CZ-USA by acquiring Dan Wesson Firearms, traditional American manufacturer of premium 1911 style handguns and unique revolvers with interchangeable barrels.